Lathco Ltd - Specialists in electroplating and silverware, manufacture, repair, re-plate and bespoke design, plating in copper, silver, nickel and chrome
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Our services include design, manufacture, electroplating, electroforming, polishing and silversmithing.

We can work alongside you to design, develop and manufacture any metal based product. This allows a huge scope of flexibility and allows the client to have their own pieces made to order. Customer focus, quality and attention to detail are our top priority.

We produce hand-made British products and quality is relentlessly monitored. Old-fashioned pride in our workmanship is a quality shared by all members of our team. Every piece requires a variety of traditional skills that combine to make a superb piece, which will endure, in its classic design, its function and its exceptional quality. This is what makes production in Britain so exciting and rewarding.
We excel in traditional skills and techniques in addition to using precision engineering and cutting edge technologies to manufacture a truly exceptional piece that will not be found from any other manufacturer.

In addition to our bespoke engineering and manufacturing we also offer the grass roots of our industry which consists of metalworking, silversmithing, electroplating and metal finishing. The backbone of what our business is built around.

Clients include commissions, international interior designers, architects, fine hotels and restaurants, private membersí clubs, boardrooms, retail showrooms, yachts and fascinating houses (including Royalty).
Our clientís confidentiality is critical and for that reason it is difficult to visually depict what we do and some of the amazing pieces we produce. Our skills and experience are vast and varied. We look forward to discussing your requirements and working towards a long-lasting partnership.

Lathco Manufacturing Limited (LML) was formed in 2016 solely by Mark Latham.
LML came about from Lathco Limited which was founded by David Latham (Father) in 1979 and Mark Latham (eldest Son) in subsequent years.

The business was originally centred around the cutlery and hollowware industry in Sheffield. Over the years, David and Mark developed their skills and experience in other associated areas of the industry and eventually silversmithing, manufacturing and metal polishing became an important and growth area of the business.

In 2016 David and Mark took the joint decision for David to retire and Mark to continue the business as a new venture specialising in bespoke manufacturing rather than concentrating on the electroplating and metal polishing elements of the successful business.

And so LML was born... The business retained some of the highly skilled staff and continues to support other skilled metalworkers both locally and within the industry.

The quality of the craftsmanship and consequent flexibility in production are what sets LML apart. Mark and all the team at LML have great faith and a belief in Britainís traditional skills and are proud to say not only are the products we make British but they are Made In Sheffield.

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