2020 – Who could predict it?

2020 - Who could predict it? Lathco

Autumn is with us and what a year we have all had so far. Coronavirus, and Brexit on the horizon have made it a very tough and unpredictable time. Challenges we don’t shy away from. We have the mantra of taking everything we can from every experience in life and acknowledging what we can learn and how it shapes us for the future, as a business and individuals. Celebrate the little victories and embrace what the failures can teach us. Without failure you cant grow and develop. Part of that growth and development is knowing when to enjoy life. Family and Friends are even more important at times like these.

One of the things we like to do when time allows is experiment and push the boundaries of our skills. Which includes the very important element of getting it wrong to learn how to get it right. This includes our plating expertise. So for fun, we decided to plate an actual real life leaf in silver. We hope you find the results as satisfying as we do.

Stay safe and well everyone.

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