Meet Richard – Lathco’s General Manager

Richard left school in 1977 and found his first job at Wardle & Matthews Pewter Company. He worked in various departments and eventually found his calling in the rolling mill department. This involved mixing different metals to make pewter and casting ingots which were then used to roll into sheets of pewter.

Meet Richard – Lathco's General Manager Lathco

Richard worked at Wardle’s for 14 years before leaving to set up his own business as an independent motorcycle instructor. After 3 years of running his own successful business Richard decided to go back to the trade he knew so well and started working at PMC which was another pewter manufacturing company. In 1999 Richard left PMC and started working at Lathco.
Richard first joined Lathco in the quality and inspection department, however over the years his skills have grown and developed to become an integral part of the Lathco team. In his current role as General Manager, November 2019 marks Richards 20th year with the company….he’s either very happy here or he needs committing! We’ll let you decide once you meet him.