Queen Mothers Funeral Procession – A Sterling Silver Centrepiece.

Queen Mothers Funeral Procession - A Sterling Silver Centrepiece. Lathco

We were commissioned back in 2003 to complete a very special centrepiece, presented to a very special person! You don’t get much more special than “The Queen”.

We still carry out cleaning and refurbishment of the piece from time to time when required. The centrepiece is an exact copy of the gun carriage that was used to carry the Queen Mother during the procession. Made from Sterling Silver, each horses and rider was individually made…even individually marking the rank of the military personnel.

Fun Facts:

  • The whole arrangement was set up again for us to take pictures and all the measurements and other important details.
  • It took us 6 months to complete the centrepiece.
  • The amount of silver used was in excess of 20kg.
  • Although the centrepiece was presented to the Queen she couldn’t accept it because of the value but she asked 1 RHA regiment to look after it on her behalf.
  • There was a mini crown made to hold a miniature copy of the Royal Standard Flag over the coffin.
  • Each of the drawers holds 2 x sterling silver plaques that are inscribed with over 2000 names of all the people involved with the procession.

We have completed some very special commissions over the years. We would love to discuss your high profile requirements.